Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Korean Business Location, understood a lot more normally as Koreatown (or Korea Community, K-town, South Korea or The K.B.A.), is made up of the retail companies along Bloor Street in between Christie and Bathurst Streets in the Seaton Village section of The Annex.

[1] The adoption of a much more liberal immigration policy by the Canadian federal government in 1967 resulted in an inflow of Korean immigrants, numerous of which cleared up in the Toronto location. Toronto has the biggest single concentration of Koreans in Canada with practically 50,000 living in the city, according to the 2001 Demographics.

[2] Many of them worked out in the Bloor and Bathurst area, and eventually, a small Oriental company community emerged along Bloor Street, centred around the intersection of Bloor and Manning Avenue. Restaurants, pastry shops, gift stores, food store, and holiday company began to open, most of which satisfied the Korean-Canadian community.

[3] Today, although lots of Koreans operate in the area, really few Koreans in fact live in Koreatown.
A part of Koreatown at night

Before the increase of Korean migrants in the 1980s, the area of Bloor West of Bathurst was heavily populated by people from Central and South America, and the location seems returning to a Hispanic ethnic territory today.